Harvard grad as muslim president
Image Source: today.harvard.law.edu

Education is a vital part of your life. Whether it is pursuing a career in the sciences, the business side, or the literary world, education is critical. It is significant to note that a person can be held back from accomplishing their true potential without education. People even gain a broader understanding of their passion when they dive into the details of it through education.

The concept of education is not just university and college but any place where you are learning something. Even the domain of self-taught is considered as education. Contrary to belief, there is no age limit for this. If you have passed the conventional school attending age, it doesn’t mean you can never attend school. There is no age for education; get it when you can! Speaking of education, a Harvard student has just been recognized as the first Muslim president of a law journal!

Harvard new president of Law Journal
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Learned People

A person is indeed able to view the world from numerous perspectives when they go for education and learning. They begin to see this side of life that not everyone can. Whether you are a doctor or an engineer, you start to observe wider angles. An electrical engineer can perceive the connections behind a wall without even looking at them. Of course, there will be changes, but they will have an idea of what lies behind them.

Learning helps you unveil that barrier by perceiving various areas of understanding. So what is this piece of news that everyone keeps talking about? Harvard is a place that is known for its impressive history and extraordinary faculty. A graduate of Harvard from 2016, Hassaan Shahwy, has become the president of one of the most prestigious US law journals! Is that not the most impressive accomplishment we have heard? Additionally, he is the first Muslim to do so, in the journal’s 100+ year history!

The Accomplishment

This moment must have been quite a happy one for the parents of the student too. Hassaan has done his degree in History and Near Eastern Studies. The name itself sounds like it holds quite a lot of weight. Graduating from Harvard is no less of an achievement and then becoming the president of the law journal. Other personalities who have worked at Harvard Law Review are Barack Obama, Susan Estrich, etc. Obama was the first black president of the club. Susan was the first female president!

Now, this designation comes with as much responsibility as it comes with honor and prestige. We hope that Hassaan continues to hold his head high as he navigates through the obstacles of Harvard Law Review.

First muslim president from Harvard
Image Source: news.hardvard.edu

Moment Of Pride

This accomplishment shows precisely how well the work of diversity is taking place. A Muslim being elected as president there also shows the ability of people to work together. There need not be any form of bad blood between people, and harmony can prevail.

Hassaan’s plans, at this point, are unclear. However, we do know that he intends to work hard even onwards from where he is right now.

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