Hareem Shah always manages to stay in the news and that’s nothing new. Another day, another Hareem Shah story for people to talk about. She is probably one of the most controversial and talked about yet also one of the most despised women in showbiz. She has been criticized for her bold videos, clothing, and statements. She has also been affiliated with different political parties and is rumored to have “non-professional” relationships with different politicians. Currently, her new video on Twitter has been making rounds on the internet.

Hareem Shah posted a video of herself enjoying a pool and she captioned her video asking her audience “itni garmi kyun hai?” I mean it definitely is really hot in the country and a pool day is something everyone would love but does it mean we start posting such videos? Although this is just an opinion, these things are exactly the reason why Hareem Shah is not seen as a “decent” woman.

Pakistani Society  

The Pakistani fandom is very scrutinizing and criticizing but thats because of all the norms and the traditions that are deeply set in within. Especially for females in the showbiz industry, there is a very fine line between what they can do and cannot and whether it is acceptable or not. But then again, these boundaries are totally set by the people and no one is entitled to live by these to live by them.

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Previously, too, Hareem Shah had a very private video leaked of her apparently by her ex-best friend Sandal Khattak. The whole nation shamed her for her video and a huge controversy was caused because of it which led to her making a response video with her husband saying it was a whole plot against her to defame her. Well, why she does things like this is something only she knows.

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