TikToker Hareem Shah, notorious for her fearless revelations about influential men in politics and showbiz, recently opened up about her early experiences dealing with unwanted advances.

In a candid interview on “Excuse Me with Ahmed Ali Butt,” Hareem Shah recalled her earlier days as a PTI supporter when she used to bunk her classes to attend the orientation held by PTI.

She noted that while her initial motivation was to support political figures like Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Imran Khan, she couldn’t help but notice the persistent advances and lack of respect that some men in the party displayed towards women.

“It gets difficult to shield yourself from their gaze,” she shared. “I learned only later on how to deal with men like that, and you get stronger with time.”

In response to Ahmed Ali Butt’s question about whether she had experienced sexual harassment, Hareem Shah confirmed that she had but cleverly outwitted the person who tried to trap her. She didn’t delve into details but emphasized that she turned the tables on the individual.

The interview took an interesting turn when the host asked Hareem Shah if she believes India performed witchcraft to get ahead in the world cup tournament.

“Of course,”, the TikToker replied, but she was also of the view that Pakistan’s cricket team selection is more to be blamed than India for black magic.

Hareem Shah didn’t hold back when she criticized Pakistan’s cricket team coach, Babar Azam, suggesting that he lacked competency to win the game.

However, India’s victory is raising several suspicions among the green shirts fans, especially Hareem Shah who has raised the alarm on possibilities of match fixing on many fronts.

Taking to X, Hareem recently wrote, “India thinks that the world is a fool, but we are not fools. We are aware that this tournament has been fixed by BCCI and ICC to ensure India’s victory.”

She added, “It’s all the wonders of money!”

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