Hareem Shah meets Mufti Qavi
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Being an influencer comes with its pros as well as its cons. It’s like a coin with two sides. While some influencers are known for their charm and work, others are known for their controversies.

Pakistani TikTok starlet Hareem Shah is one of the most well-known controversial ones. She rose to fame on the dubbing platform and soon found herself in the center of lots of scandals.

The latest is a leaked phone call clip in between Shah and Mufti Qavi. Shah is not the only one with their fair share of controversies; Mufti Qavi, a cleric, also has many.

In the viral video clip, we can hear the cleric telling Shah to he wants to meet her, but he can’t, unfortunately, due to personal reasons. Shah, on the other hand, replies as if she is least interested in meeting him.

However, it is still unaware if Shah and Mufti Qavi met and the motive behind Mufti Qavi’s request to meet her is also unknown.

Here’s the viral clip:

In the clip, we can hear him say:

Shehzadi gh’ussa mat ho, mujhe apni shakal dikhao

Princess Don’t Get Angry, Show me your face.

On the other hand, Shah can be seen and heard arguing with him. We would also like to point out that Hareem Shah is not the only influencer the cleric is linked with. His name came up several times in regards to Qandeel Baloch.

Before Shah acclaimed famed, Baloch was the most controversial influencer in Pakistan. It is rumored that her murder (committed by her brother) was planned by someone as influential and powerful as the Mufti.

Moreover, what we do know for certain is that Shah and the cleric have met at least once (it is not clear if they had met before or after the phone call).

Hareem Shah meets Mufti Qavi
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I did not call you to listen to your speeches and nonsense. I have to ask you that you claim to be a scholar of Islam. In this age, it is not suitable for you to flirt with girls that are the same age as your daughters. – Hareem Shah to mufti qavi

We can also hear Hareem in the clip telling him that she doesn’t want to listen to his ‘nonsense’ and that he claims to be a very religious scholar but is flirting with girls the same age as his daughters.

After his request to see her face, Shah responds:

I will not show you my face. You have slandered the name of Islam, you are the devil and you are a father of the devil. And I do not see the face of the hypocrites.

But, Shah can also be heard laughing in the viral clip, which questions whether or not what she said to him was all part of an act or if she meant every word.

Previously, Mufti Qavi was seen dancing with a woman of foreign descent. But, he denied it and claimed that the man in the video is not him.

We have now to see what explanation the religious scholar has to give here.

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