Hareem Shah To Sacrifice A Politician Before Eid?

Hareem Shah is back again at it after her “leave no stone unturned” press conference yesterday where she went on to expose all politicians and reveal their true faces to the public. She mentioned major names that were bleeped out to keep anonymity but one can guess for sure. Hareem also talked about how she knew this information because of her “friendships” with them. She even claimed she had proof to back everything she was saying. Now her new statement is truly controversial. Have a look.

Attention Scheme?

Now many people think of Hareem Shah as an attention seeker and believe that almost everything she does or says is a stunt she pulls off for footage and fame. This could very well be another one of her “fiascos” but if it isn’t then the people on the internet are in for a major ride. Only time will tell what is about to happen.

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Hareem Shah has yet again opened up a Pandora’s box of all the dirty secrets that she has been rumored of being a part of. This also involves many popular celebrities and politicians. But last night, Hareem Shah woke up and decided to choose violence when she went live on air on all major news channels to expose all politicians she has ever been “involved” with. Now these could all be rumors and biased made-up accusations but with politicians and people like Hareem Shah, can you ever be too sure?

Here is her full press conference where she talks about all of the “stuff” that she isn’t supposed to. All the names have been bleeped out for obvious reasons. The social media influencer talks about how the public would start hating their leaders if they had the slightest idea of the things they do behind the camera.

She even says that she will be meeting the former Prime Minister of Pakistan in the next two days. Upon being asked if she would stand as a candidate from any political organization, she stated that her loyalties lie strong with the former prime minister despite getting many threats from opponent parties.

Sandal Khattak Fiasco 

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Hareem also mentioned how the FIA supported her with the defamation case against her by her ex-best friend Sandal Khattak and even claimed that if she had been wrong, she would’ve been behind bars but since she isn’t, it means that she was right. Hareem Shah also bashed Sandal Khattak saying that she would never defame her simply because there is nothing she is famous for.

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