Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has sparked controversy once again after making dismissive remarks towards the idea of Indian and Pakistani players participating together in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The controversy began when a Pakistani cricket fan shared an edited photo on social media, envisioning Pakistani players joining Indian teams in the IPL.

The IPL has been a platform for showcasing top cricketing talent from around the world, but due to political tensions between India and Pakistan, Pakistani players have only participated in the inaugural edition in 2007.

The post, accompanied by a caption expressing the dream of many cricket fans from both countries, suggested scenarios such as Babar Azam playing alongside Virat Kohli at Royal Challengers Bangalore and Shaheen Afridi partnering with Jasprit Bumrah in the Mumbai Indians team.

“Dream for many Indian and Pakistani cricket fans,” the post caption stated.


However, Harbhajan Singh, known for his strong opinions and past controversies surrounding Pakistan, responded to the post with a dismissive tone.

In a tweet, he mocked the idea, stating, “No Indian has such dreams… you guys please stop dreaming. Wake up now.”


Fans criticize Harbhajan Singh for his arrogance

Singh’s comment quickly garnered criticism from various quarters, with many accusing him of lacking sportsmanship and perpetuating divisive sentiments between India and Pakistan.

His remarks were particularly scrutinized for aligning with extremist right-wing views in India and for disregarding the spirit of sportsmanship that transcends political tensions.

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