hania aamir video indecent
Image Source: Brandsynario

Hania Aamir’s most favourite place to be is…. In hot waters! The actress has landed herself in a tight spot again as a video circulates on Twitter which people are calling ‘indecent’.

Just Chilling?

The video shows the 20-something actress lying on top of Aashir Wajahat, Wajahat Rauf’s son and Hania’s very close friend. The cherry on top is another teenage looking back also entangled with the two, stroking Hania Aamir’s hair as she jams to a song. 

The video is as uncomfortable to watch as is its description and we doubt there can be any explanation for this. Surely Netizens’ disappointment over the actress’ behaviour is not founded on unreasonable grounds.

Removing Traces

The video apparently initially was posted on her Instagram account either as part of a live or a story. Someone screen recorded it and started circulating it on Twitter. When it started blowing up, Aamir removed all traces of it from her account.

Many are now also speculating whether it’s fake!

Netizens Are Divided 

Netizens are divided over the video. There are many who are disappointed and disturbed by what they see in the video. Not only is it inappropriate but it’s also strange to see such a friendship. Aashir Wajahat is a young teenage boy while Aamir is well into her twenties. Would this be okay if the genders were reversed?

However, others are calling out the angry netizens for being too critical. They are being blamed for always being in search of a target. Hania Aamir is also trending on Twitter now!

What’s Being Taught To Whom?

The main issue with celebrities endorsing, participating or showcasing such behaviours is that it is influential. 

hania aamir video indecent
Image Source: Brandsynario

In today’s world, surely there is nothing wrong with friendships between opposite genders. However, the ‘lying-on-top-of-each-other’ attitude can send off the wrong message. Moreover, normalising this can also render many vulnerable to sexual misconducts by predators and harassers.

Trying to Make It Big?

There have been many talks of how strange Hania Aamir’s friend group really is. As the video shows, she is the oldest in the group of ‘friends’ she is hanging out with. People have never seen a celebrity hang out with such a younger crowd before and they also haven’t seen teenagers be friends with an older person like this.

Dananeer, the ‘pawri horahi hai’ girl, is also a part of this group. Aashir Wajahat is obviously an integral part also. Given that Hania Aamir just landed a script with Aashir Wajahat’s mother, could this all be for an ulterior motive?

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