The cute and bubbly Hania Aamir is everyone’s favorite these days in Pakistan. We love to see her on-screen along with our favorite actors. Whether it’s her drama or an advertisement, its surely a hit among the audiences.

Pizza or burger?

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Hania is not only a good actor but she is also a social media star. People love her, follow her and adore her. Hania also makes sure to keep her fans and followers updated with her everyday life.

Recently, Hania posted her workout picture from the gym on her Instagram. It shows how much it takes to remain healthy and in shape. Have a look at the picture first.

Thinking about food that I can’t have.

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Hania captioned it well saying “Thinking about food that I can’t have.” Well, to be honest that’s what’s everyone is thinking probably while exercising at the gym!

While most of her fans were praising Hania for her efforts, there’s was a pervert who commented something pretty inappropriate.

Here’s what he wrote.

This shows how awful this person is and how pathetic his mentality is. But Hania Aamir’s is after all, HANIA AAMIR. Her savage reply to him made people laugh and praise her at the same time.

Here’s what she replied to him:

Now that’s how you should respond to your haters! Hania schooled this pervert back by switching on to her grammar nazi mode. She trolled him without even actually giving  a damn about what had written.

Previously she also posted a meme which is relevant to this situation also.

Basic ali #toogood

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People couldn’t help but laugh at her response. In no time people started question this person about his comment.


While some wondered why did she even reply back to such a loser!

And others just wanted a reply back from Hania.

We live in times where people call themselves liberal and assume that it is their right to comment on people and their lives.

Kudos to Hania for giving this pervert a shut up call.

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