The Janaan beauty Hania Aamir is currently up and around town, promoting her upcoming movie, Parwaaz Hai Junoon.

Earlier this week, the starlet took to Twitter to share her experience of being harassed by a group of men disguised as fans during the promotions.

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In a series of tweets, Hania shared the psychological trauma she went through:

Being a public figure does not mean that we are public property and meant to be harassed by men disguised as fans. How can one call themselves “a fan”; if they reciprocate our love with rewarding us embarrassment, discomfort, and psychological trauma.

She further added that nothing justifies the objectification and harassment of any other individual.

We step out of our comfort zone to be with you (the fans), spend time with you and live some moments amongst you; but acts like these force us to reconsider and doubt our decision to meet fans in public places.

The dimpled diva added that our Pakistan is progressing but it is unfortunate that women are still seen as an object of desire for few people. 

It is sad that in spite of the country progressing, better education; women are still merely an object of desire for some.

It is because of such individuals that women are scared to step out of their homes, not work and live their lives in fear. Respect all women as you’d expect the women of your own households to be respected.

Hania concluded by saying that if the next time she faces such incident, she will show what a woman can do! 

So if you come across a video of me swearing out of my mind, just know it’s a woman putting a disgusting man in his place. And next time you want to make a move? Don’t hide in the crowd because I’ll show you what women are really made of! A**HOLE!

More power to Hania for not staying silent on the matter.

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