hania Aamir
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Some celebrities are beacons for controversies and scandals. Whatever they do, whatever they say, it gets highlighted, and people start bashing them. Hania Aamir is one such celebrity.

Hania Aamir Scandals

She broke up with Asim Azhar; she got bashed. She posted a picture of her pimples; she got bashed. Not to forget the time when it was rumored she has had cosmetic surgery done. So you name a time, and you will find that her name comes up amidst controversies, and she has been bashed during that time.

This time again, she is at the root of another issue and is getting bashed yet again.

What is it this time, though? Her recent Instagram story was where she wanted to post her live reaction of ‘Roza lag raha hai‘.

She said that it was 2 pm only and she was already hungry. In fact, she has been hungry ever since she woke up.

To summarize, she probably wanted to gather sympathies but instead got criticized.

Have a look at the story!

Netizens, however, didn’t take kindly to it. They were not happy with her comments about a religious obligation. And although we may say exactly that within our close friends’ circle but people we are not close to, we do not appreciate it when we hear them say the same thing. Precisely this is what happened when Hania’s followers saw the story and began bashing her.

They called her out on everything, from her makeup to whether it even looked like she was fasting. Some schooled her on fasting and that God did not require her fast, so she could totally opt for not doing it.

hania aamir
Image Source: Brandsynario

Others trolled her, saying that she is not old enough (mentally) to be fasting anyway.


Image Source: Brandsynario

Let’s be a little more accepting of each other, guys. If someone is whining about her fast, she was doing it because she considered you all to be close to her. That said, her past scandals should have been a lesson that not all her followers are fans. But hey, it is her life, her rules.

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