Hania Aamir and Badshah

Pakistani actress Hania Aamir is currently making headlines after sharing cozy pictures with Badshah. The two have taken over Instagram, sharing photos and videos of having a good time in Dubai.

Initially, Hania shared photos of the rumored couple and captioned them “rescue from Chandigarh.” What sort of a rescue is this? Fans are curious to know. It’s no surprise Hania hasn’t been her best lately. She shared that she had been struggling with mental fatigue, so could this be an indication she’s all better?

Here’s them singing their hearts out:

When pouring her heart out, Hania wrote, “Having an honest moment here, I haven’t been okay lately. Sometimes I have okay days, sometimes good, and sometimes it feels like a grey cloud is following me.” Our heart goes out to this talented queen, and we hope she feels better soon.

Indian rapper, popular as “Badshah” was once married to Jasmine Masih, they have a beautiful daughter, who they share custody of.

Everyone’s Opinions On Hania Aamir and Badshah

After seeing photographs of hearty meals and musical activities being shared between the two, everyone has shared their thoughts and opinions on the couple.

Hania Aamir and Badshah (1)

Surprisingly, fans have created a parallel between these two friends and popular cartoon characters Gian and Shizuka. It is safe to assume Badshah has gotten Gian’s title because of rapping and singing, and Hania is just Shizuka. Many have suggested that they are the real-life versions of the characters, concluding that they won’t end up together because neither do the characters.

Beyond that, we see plenty of mixed opinions. Some adore this new friendship, while others can’t help but hate the two. There’s been a lot of tension coming from those pointing out the political disputes between India and Pakistan and how Hania seems to be turning a blind eye towards them by being friends with Badshah.

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