Hamza Amin Hits Back At A Troll For Criticizing His Wife Ushna Shah
Image Source: Fashion Central

We all know how controversial Ushna Shah has become ever since she decided to get married. Whether she wanted to or not and whether she likes it or not, she never seems to be able to get out of the criticizing light of the public. After her dress, her wedding turned into a live broadcast session and herself being accused of being a golddigger. Now, it’s something of the same sort that she’s being hated for. But who cares about all that when you have a husband as supportive as Hamza Amin?

This video soon went viral for Ushna showing off her travel diary moments with her husband. The couple were driving around on the streets of Vienna, Austria, enjoying their married life as much as they can. The post went viral and some even commented on the way Hamza was driving. Some commented on how cute they were looking and well, and some commented on Ushna’s clothing.

Now, it’s nothing new for fans to comment on clothing and the way the actors and actresses look but it feels nice when they don’t have to deal with it alone and their partner defends and supports them just like Hamza did for Ushna.

Hamza, sarcastically replied to a comment that said: “She is wearing shorts.” So apparently, wearing shorts is a bad thing now? Haven’t other women worn shorts before? Is it really that surprising? Let’s see what other people had to say to that.

The user, who had originally commented, replied again making it a matter of religion. Have a look.

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