Aamir Liaquat’s sudden reunion with BOL Network has raised a lot of eyebrows. Of course, his dramatic departure from the channel made us all think that he will surely never hop on to the BOL-bandwagon again.

But it seems like we all thought wrong!

It all started when the televangelist announced on his Twitter that he will be hosting Shab-e-Mairaj’s transmission on BOL.

His update confirmed that he has moved on all past differences and agreed to host the religious transmission.

But what shocked his followers, even more, was when he made his comeback to his old show ‘Ab Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’

Now social media cannot help trolling him 

Seems like Aamir and his shenanigans will return this Ramadan yet again on BOL.

And of course, there is bound to be whimsical gameshow!

Clearly, social media is confused over what happened! 

One Twitter follower could not help asking Hamza Ali Abbasi what he thinks about the whole development

Being the savage soul he is, Hamza Ali Abbasi did not shy away from speaking the truth.

It is a surprise that both the icons work for the same channel and even work for the same political party, but do not see eye to eye with each other.

Let’s see what more drama is yet to unfold this time, now that Liaquat has re-joined BOL.