The Pakistani Government is now considering Hajj Travel via ferry and road says Minister Talha Mehmood. According to the latest news, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Senator Talha Mehmood, stated that the government is exploring the possibility of facilitating Pakistani pilgrims by offering Hajj travel options through ferry service and road. This initiative aims to provide maximum relief to the pilgrims. Considering the current inflation this might also act as relief on people’s pockets.

Image Source: Hajj and Umrah Planner

The minister highlighted that this year, the Ministry of Religious Affairs returned an amount of Rs 4.5 billion to Hajj pilgrims, with plans to refund over Rs 2 billion more. He emphasized that Hajj 2023 was a transparent and scandal-free pilgrimage in the history of the country. Assuring improved services and reduced expenses in the next Hajj program, Minister Talha Mehmood shared his personal experience as a common man who observed the challenges faced by pilgrims. He expressed his determination to resolve these issues with the blessings of the Almighty.

Image Source: Radio Pakistan

In addition, the minister acknowledged the importance of including journalists and media workers in the Hajj quota system, similar to other organizations. He promised to take concrete action in that regard. He also praised the genuine affection shown by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman towards Pakistan, describing him as emotionally connected to the country.

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