COVID-19 Vaccination
Image Source: The Milli Chronicle

Covid-19 vaccinations have finally started reaching most of the world. Considering a vast population has contracted COVID already, and almost everyone is susceptible to contracting it, vaccinations have become very important. However, it needs to be administered strategically.

COVID vaccine administration

At first, it was the health workers, the front line army in the COVID war. Then came the senior citizen and patients; after that, it would be healthy. Anyone out of turn would have to suffer the consequence. But someone else has joined the list of those who ‘need’ to be vaccinated. The government has announced that the Hajj Pilgrims will be joining the list.

Due to COVID, a minimal number of people from Pakistan will be going to perform Hajj from Pakistan. Last year, Saudi Arabia had allowed only 10,000 people (residents of the country) to perform Hajj. The number will increase this year but will not return to its average level, not yet at least.

Hajj Pilgrims

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has said that the number will only be a few thousand. And all of them will have to get vaccinated before they start the pilgrimage.

In fact, this year, the Hajj pilgrimage will be more expensive than usual. The Hajj scheme started last week. And the government will begin receiving applications from the later part of the current month.

Upon selection of people, they will have to get vaccinated, and considering they would be on the list of the pilgrims; they will be administered with the vaccine. It is not only to ensure that they stay safe in their travels but also so that they do not become the carrier of the virus and bring more and mutated versions of the strain into the country.

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