Tired? Had an exhausting day at work? All you want to do is go to your room and spend some time relaxing in your bed. Unfortunately, you notice that the room is not cozy enough for the winters because your inverter is not working properly as you forgot to clean it. There is no need to worry anymore!

Haier has acquired rights to the exclusive ownership of its AC’s self-cleaning inverter technology. Awarded to the company by the Government of Pakistan, Haier has worked its way to ensure that the technology the company introduced to the market is not ruined and produced over a mass level without proper supervision. Haier took the initiative to make sure that all the products that reach its end consumers provide them with immense satisfaction and are hassle free.

What is Self-Cleaning?

The concept of self-cleaning technology comes from when dirt accumulates in the evaporator of the air conditioner during its operation. This dirty evaporator makes it easier for bacteria to grow and affects the quality of the air that comes out. This is where the Self-cleaning technology takes action.

By Cold Expansion Technology setting the best temperature and air circulation volume, moisture frozen on the surface increases by 30% than conventional models. This frost generates strong cold expansion force that easily strips off the dirt.

By the Express Washing Technology, especially designed foil increases the speed of the water flow by 20% allowing the dirt to be washed off effectively.

By the Anti-Bacterial Technology, the silver ion coating effectively kills bacteria up to 99.9% and inhibits its growth.

Benefits of Self-Cleaning:

The innovative technology effectively kills bacteria and helps to keep the air conditioner clean ensuring the air coming out of the air conditioner is clean and healthy for the human body.

The dirt on the evaporator lowers cooling capacity by 15-30% but this technology makes sure that full cooling capacity is reached and it is highly energy efficient.

Manual costs of cleaning the air conditioner are high which is why this self-cleaning technology is efficient and achieves lower running costs.

Customer satisfaction and comfort is one of the core values at Haier and our team works around the clock to make sure that our customers are happy using our products. Haier continues to innovate and lead the market with its efficient and economical products.