The very first time a child takes their first step is no less than a milestone in their lives. They fall in love with the idea of freedom and the ability to run without restraint.

They initially clutch a nearby support, get on to their tiny feet, and take their first couple of steps, only to fall again.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, they find themselves trying to tie a perfect bow and failing at it. They try to learn how to ride a bicycle after falling face first several times only to get back on to their feet despite having multiple scratches and scars, they refuse to give up!

The Falling Test

In order to know where that hard working and self-believing kid grows up to be an adult fearing failure, Surf Excel gave the perfect ‘falling test’. The challenge was to get across a 20-ft log, and the results were simply mind-blowing.

While 92% of the children and only 84% of the adults fell off the log, all of the children successfully completed the challenge simply because they refused to give up. Being creative & unique, giving up was never an option in their minds!

Some crawled across the log, while some took help from their friends, some of the kids even tried their luck at balancing their weight until they finally crossed it. However, for the adults, it wasn’t as easy.

Why Adults Didn’t Make It Through To The Other Side

In their own words, they described how just one fall gave them a sense of failure and accomplishment and how they themselves were ready to believe it was not possible. Others expressed how they did not try to think creatively and help one another get across.

When the kids were asked why the adults failed to complete the task, they simply had one thing to say, the adults didn’t try and were defeated because they got scared.

Sar Uthao Aur #HaarKoHarao

Now the question is, ‘Kya bachon ko harana hum sekhate hain?’ Its time we adults say #HaarKoHarao! Failure is a part of life, it doesn’t mean it is the only option which we can accept and not improve.

Failure itself is a teacher and can be used as a lesson to learn that anything can be aced with practice, dedication, self-will, and belief whether it be academics, sports, or any challenging situation.

Children learn many things from adults who are their initial role models, which is why we need to remind ourselves that if we want them to succeed, we need to change our thinking and make a positive change in life by falling but getting back up, after all, #DirtIsGood!

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try again !” – William Edward Hickson