Summer has arrived, and it’s time for brilliant colours, bold hues, and breezy fabrics. Put the winter blues behind you and embrace the upcoming grass season enthusiastically.
GulAhmed Lawn 2023 Collection will be available exclusively online on February 14 at, and will feature a rich, bright range of Lawn, Chiffon, Organza, and Jacquard outfits with larger-than-life artisan printed and embroidered embellishments.
Beginning February 16, the collection will be available in retailers.

GulAhmed’s new lawn collection is a fashion lover’s dream come true, thanks to its high-quality fabric and modern designs. The look, colours, and styles provide a one-of-a-kind blend of ethnic prints and contemporary designs.

Here’s what GulAhmed Lawn Collection 2023 has in store for you.

A Cultural Nod to Ajrak

The most difficult duty seems to be dressing in the famed Pakistani heat. Wearing clothes you like can be difficult, but GulAhmed’s Ajrak Collection is an amalgamation of top quality and traditional patterns on modern colour schemes, providing you with the perfect casual style during the warmer months.

Fabulously Feminine with Flowy Chiffons

Aside from being the ideal summer option, these timeless pieces demonstrate attention to detail on breathable fabric, teamed with airy chiffon dupattas that connect the entire outfit together. Wear it at a summer breakfast or tea party and you’ll be the centre of attention. The Summer Premium 2023 Collection features beautiful chiffon dupatta outfits that may be added to your formal wardrobe.

Always in Style – Chunri 

When in doubt, opt for the classic Chunri outfits. For the authentic desi girl, these classy ensembles can be worn in an ethnic fashion. Alternatively, for the modern female who enjoys experimenting with her look.

Keep it Simple with Monochromes 

Monochrome outfits are ideal for days when you want to look effortlessly chic. Even though they are simple, monochromes are elegant and sophisticated. These are the prints you add to your cart right away, and your summer wardrobe is complete.

Solids Are the New Classic

The collection’s basic designs and solids are a must-have for staying cool as the summer months approach faster than ever. The Summer Essential and Tribute to Mothers Collections employ a variety of finishing techniques to provide you with the cool effect you need to stay protected while wearing your favourite garments.

Jacquard – An Undeniable Essential

The numerous jacquard variations enrich each collection. Contrary to popular opinion, this fabric is not only breathable and light, but it has also become a favourite, and the exquisite designs have elevated them to the status of “must have.”

Subtly Shining with Foil Prints

This year’s Lawn Collection 2023 features a wonderful appearance via foil printed suits. The modest shine offers the appropriate semi-formal touch that will be the new favourite for this season’s celebrations without being overpoweringly shimmery.

Shop Online Now

GulAhmed’s Lawn Collection is now available exclusively online, so be the first to obtain it by buying from the comfort of your own home at There is no better way to shop with their PKR 99 shipping cost and 30-day exchange policy!