Gucci Has Launched A Kurta For $3500 And The Internet Is Losing It
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Another luxury brand has launched a kaftan that looks nonetheless than a South Asian kurta—however, this time, Gucci has done the deed.

Gucci, the Italian luxury brand known for its signature designs, has introduced its kaftans line ranging from $3,500, or a meager Rs540,977. And we can’t help but wonder if the high fashion brand was inspired by South Asian culture or lacked creativity.

The campaign shows a model wearing a traditional embroidered piece which is most commonly worn in the middle eastern countries and Pakistan. Paired with the kurta model is wearing tracks and shoes. We get that this was Gucci’s way of giving it a hip look, but it looks nothing less than absurd.

Netizen’s React 

Netizens took to Twitter to comment about how they can find this piece for a mere 1000-3000rs in any market in Pakistan.

People have come across this design in every city of Pakistan, which makes it even more hilarious.

However, this is not the first time a high street brand has taken this route. A few months ago, Zara came out with its version of a kameez, a staple of every Pakistani girl’s outfit. Western brands need to up their game when it comes to designs. Mooching off an idea with sentimental value, yet ethnic and demographic segmentation is not ethical.

Gucci’s Credibility 

Being such a reputable brand, it is the responsibility of any brand to countercheck for designs. Even though they are willing to take inspiration from any culture, do it so in such a way that makes it stand out while giving the original design its due credit. Seeing such a design on a big brand like Gucci puts the brand’s credibility at risk. Not only that, but it also makes the client wonder whether they should spend their hard-earned money on them.

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