groom runs away bride viral video
Image Source: Insider

An unfortunate video is going viral in India. What set out to be a happy union between a bride and a groom resulted in a fainted bride on the stage alone, no groom in sight. The groom fled the scene like a culprit and people are shocked at the reason.

What’s Going Viral?

A video shows a marriage taking place in India. It appears the bride and groom were brought together by an arranged marriage. Their body language indicates no comfort and what happens in the end also proves it was an arranged marriage. The two are sitting together calmly while a wedding ritual is being completed.

groom runs away bride viral video
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Suddenly, the bride loses her balance on the stage and falls to the side. Though the groom looks towards her out of concern, when he sees the bride’s face uncovered, the most unthinkable happens. He immediately takes a step back, takes off his sehra and garland and makes a run for it. He simply fled the wedding!

groom runs away bride viral video
Image Source: Youtube

Watch The Video Here:

It Doesn’t Make Sense

This video looks like a prank, to begin with, the way it is going viral shows that a prankster’s dreams have come true. Additionally, the background music in the video, the people’s reactions, etc all point towards the fact that this may not be real.

The groom is so horrified at what he has seen that his face looks ghastly. It’s as if he has seen a ghost. Moreover, when he’s about to run away, it’s as if the wedding guests on the stage expected it. However, they try to stop him with all their might before he escapes. What could be behind the veil? We’re unsure!

Could This Be A Product Of Culture?

groom runs away bride viral video
Image Source: The Knot

In south-Asian cultures, we have something called blind marriages! This is to match the blind dates people have in western culture. Many times, the bride and groom see each other’s faces for the first time in person on their wedding day. Until then, only pictures are shown to each other and sometimes not even that. The huge distance put between two people all set to spend their life together can be problematic.

The biggest example is this viral video. Though it is making everyone laugh, it is actually incredibly sad. It is unfortunate for the bride whose misery the world is laughing over. Moreover, it is also unfortunate for the groom. He must have run away for a reason which was not disclosed earlier.

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