Gree is a global technological industrial giant established in 1991. It is a world leader in the air conditioners category and a major player in the fast-growing global consumer appliances industry, with a robust presence in 200 countries. As a pioneer in the global home appliances sector, GREE has invested in research and development (R&D) to maintain a competitive edge in the industry and is committed to making life beautiful for its customers. They strive to innovate and create new ways to help people live well and stay comfortable no matter where they are. Gree offers a range of home appliances which includes refrigerators, water dispensers, heaters, and air purifiers but has established itself as a giant in the air conditioning category.

Gree makes one of every three air conditioners in the world

Gree takes pride in its premium and a technologically superior range of Fairy Inverter Air Conditioners and the beautiful and efficient Pular Inverter Series. They value reliability and that is why they have an unparalleled testing system in place and cutting-edge manufacturing plants to ensure superior products for their customers.

Gree has a stellar reputation for producing unmatched superior air conditioners supported by the incomparable trust of their customers and celebrating this milestone of mutual trust and respect Gree is announcing an incredible extended warranty campaign for its Fairy and Pular Inverter Series Air Conditioners. This includes a 10-year warranty on compressors, a 4-year warranty on PCB Chip, 2 years’ evaporator/condenser, and 1-year parts/services of air conditioners. It can be safely said that Gree is offering the strongest warranties in the market today.

The compressor can easily be called the heart of the air conditioner – it is the most important and therefore an expensive part of the system. What more can a customer ask from a brand when they are offered a 10-year warranty on its compressor. Gree has surpassed customer expectations with such a strong warranty, boosting the customer’s confidence and giving them peace of mind.

PCB chip is the motherboard of the air conditioners – and they can be easily damaged due to improper voltage during installation, by short-circuiting, exposure to elements and accidental impact and Gree offers an incredible 4 years’ warranty on PCB Chip of its inverter series guaranteeing ease of mind.

In addition, Gree is generously offering 2-years warranty of the evaporator and condenser and 1-year warranty of parts/services – that allows the customers to avail the services of skilled technicians for repairs and also replacement of any part of the air conditioner, hassle-free. Gree is certainly making life beautiful for its customers by providing them matchless warranty and with it establishing a strong bond of trust.

The confidence that Gree promises to its customers is evident through its customer-centric initiatives. It builds customer confidence and trust in Gree, building a stronger relation and therefore making Gree inverter air conditioners, the most well-loved and trusted brand in Pakistan.

So, bring home peace of mind, bring home GREE!