Lean design, latest and efficient technology, superior performance and less power consumption – Isn’t it all that you look for while buying an AC? If yes, then GREE is going to be your best choice!

With an inclusion of GREE pular series AC into its outstanding range of inverter air conditioners, GREE has surely taken up a step further in living up to the expectations of the customers.

The new Pular AC is equipped with an excellent range of features and functions that will put you in awe.

By utilizing the exclusive technology in its elegant & beautiful matt white finish design, Gree Pular AC has raised the bar yet again.

1st European Complaint Heat & Cool AC

GREE Pular series inverter air conditioners are the 1st European complaint Heat & Cool AC in Pakistan unlike any other AC.

Latest Powerful G-10 AC

With the latest and powerful G10 technology also infused, in GREE Pular series inverters the system performance has been enhanced with Ultra-low frequency and torque control, Ultra-high frequency and weakening control, Ultra-wideband and fine control, High-speed processing technology of DSP chip, Active adaptation to voltage, R410 refrigerant Environmental and low carbon, Intelligent mute control, High reliable protective technology, Power factor correction and Digital simulation control.

GREE combines all of these to enable the AC to achieve a set temperature in less than 50% time as compared to normal fixed speed AC thus providing low energy consumption.

Superior performance

Talking about its superior performance, GREE Pular series inverter ACs have been tested through CFD (fluid simulation) software, as a result of which, the airway is parametrically designed in Pular series, the air duct profile is optimized and the even the airflow angle and direction is also controlled that helped in an increased airflow by 16.7%, along with the low windshield noise that is now reduced by 3dB – which means quieter AC for your peaceful sleep.


If you love controlling your AC from distances, then Pular AC is for you. It comes with built-in WiFi technology that lets you operate your Pular AC from anywhere you like just by registering through GREE+ app.

Download the app, register the account and add the device to enjoy long-distance control of your GREE Pular inverter AC.

Comfortable air supply

With a fully closed appearance, two air deflectors are independently controlled to realize variable cross-section control of the air outlet. The dual air deflector helps in providing airflow even at 90 degrees’ direction.

3D Air flow

Moreover, the 3D air flow provides you an effective air conditioning of the entire room while encompassing large distances and floor so that you enjoy optimum comfort at all levels.


How about having an AC that helps in filtering out bacteria and other harmful particles in the air around you so that you breathe healthy?

Well, Gree Pular series inverter AC comes with a surprise!

Traditionally the cold plasma could only be placed on the evaporator due to 220V voltage which eventually affects the cold plasma generation and thus affects the sterilization effect.

Therefore, the placement of cold plasma in new Pular series inverters has been changed for the good. It is equipped with highly efficient 12V cold plasma that is mounted on the air outlet that eventually helps in increasing the sterilization rate by 3.9 times and cleanse the air you breathe in.

Easy clean filters

You might have felt uncomfortable changing your AC’s filters after or at the start of the season. Opening the panel and pulling out the two filters might have been difficult at times as you might sometimes break the panel or find it hard to extract the filters or even de-shape it.

Well, that will not be a problem in Pular inverter AC. With its integrated external filter, there’s no need to open the front panel and pull the filters out. You just need to hop up, and clean the easily removable filters, placed just above.

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Self-Cleaning function

Moreover, the new Pular inverter AC is equipped with evaporator self-cleaning technology, using the condensation-frosting sterilization-defrosting-dry stage, so that the internal evaporator is always clean and the air is cleaner.


If you’ve ever wondered to have an AC that is intelligent enough to automatically sense the temperature around you and adjust it on the AC, then Gree Pular AC is going to be your best choice.

With the iFeel function, Your Gree Pular inverter AC senses the temperature around you through the remote control every 10 mins. The remote control then sends the command to your AC that automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Seven speeds

Unlike other ACs, new Gree Pular inverter AC gives you the opportunity to select your fan’s speed among 7 options. Usually, you can select, low, middle, high and turbo. But in Pular inverter AC, you can select 7 speeds.

This has also helped in improving the operational efficiency of Gree Pular series inverter AC by reducing the noise levels to 3dB so that you can enjoy those peaceful nights you have always wondered for.

Controller wide voltage design

If you live in an area where there is a lot of electricity fluctuations or unstable power grids, Or if you live in tropical areas and always fear about the lightning that results in voltage distortions then Pular Ac has got your back.

The high voltage protection function is added in a new Pular inverter AC to automatically interrupt the switch when the input voltage exceeds the threshold to prevent damage to the power supply under severe overvoltage conditions. It has the capability to operate even during 150V ~ 265V.

Automatic mode temperature adjustable

Last but not the least, with the inclusion of automatic mode the cooling, heating, and air supply modes are switched automatically according to the user-set temperature.

Other features include:

Energy Efficiency Class A+ (Upto 60% Energy Saving) Hidden LED Display Ceiling Cooling & Floor Heating System
Low Voltage Startup – 150V Turbo Mode Sleep Mode
Power Factor Correction Technology Upto 99% Timer & Child Lock


Auto Restart
Ultra Low Frequency Torque Control Cold Plasma Generator
State-of-the-art DSP Chip Fireproof PCB
Precise Temperature Control Intelligent Defrost

GREE has always been on the go to provide its customer with the most reliable & innovative solutions ever. It has always proved and justified its position as a no.1 global brand in Pakistan by offering top-notch products and excellent after-sales service.

Thus, with the introduction of its Pular series inverter ACs, Gree has successfully achieved another milestone in bringing technology & reliability together, for its customers in Pakistan.