Even after the defeat against India on June 4th, Pakistan Cricket Team managed to beat all odds and out-performed itself while taking on competitive teams including South Africa, Sri Lanka, and England.

Even though the chances seemed slim, the Green Team awed every spectator with their marvelous performance and won the heart of Graeme Smith,  former South African cricketer and skipper.

After Pak took on England, qualifying for the finals, Smith expressed his love for the team on twitter.

However, soon after many Indians started to bash the ex-cricketer by giving examples of how India defeated their rival by a huge margin and that history will repeat itself, while others asked him if he had lost his marbles.

Indians React to Graeme Smith’s Pro Pakistani Tweet

India is Burning so Bad!

Time to put some Burnol maybe?


Look Who is Talking!

LOL We Don’t Think Smith Got What he Said!

Your Mama Should Slap You Instead!

But Pakistanis Gave Some Love Back to Smith!

We Love you, Smith! Thank You for your support, Pakistan Zindabad!

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