Are you done with planet Earth?

Good news – you can now buy land on the moon and escape Earth in just a few simple steps with

We can bet that this is exactly what almost everyone wants right now given the current situation of our planet.

Known for its quirk, has always known how to grasp the attention of an audience with out-of-the-box campaigns and creative yet effective marketing strategies. This Pakistani real estate company does it once again by playing to its strengths and ‘Selling Land on Moon’ in their new campaign, launched on April 1st.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

It is said that laughter is great medicine – making it the perfect antidote, especially when times are heavy and downright hard due to the rising COVID-19 cases along with the scares.

The best and one of the most creative day’s for brands to prank people and lighten the mood, April 1st was done right, especially with this brilliantly executed April fool’s Day prank!

‘Chand ka tukda chaheye? Hum la k dain gain na’ – the eye-catching visuals went abuzz creating hype on the social media platforms, leaving many believing (be it for a split second) that they can own property on the moon and that these guys CAN pull this off.

The company went as far as setting up ‘dummy’ landing pages, asking people to register for their plot files and receive ‘Lunar Deeds’.

Brands have always had the freedom to spread any kind of message they want to through their campaigns or bandwagon on trends. Playing smart and staying true to their brand relevance,’s execution of the April fool’s day campaign seems inspired by a clip from an Indian drama going viral.

We end it by vouching that this ride to the moon and back has been better than all else.