Hindu temple burned
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The world is home to many different kinds of faiths. In times of difficulty, religion can be a good place to turn to. Of course, it is encouraged to turn towards it in good times too. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion of their own. Similarly, they are allowed to follow their own faith.

Islam, for example, strongly condemns the concept of forcing people to convert. The conversion should always be a choice that the person makes, never something made for him. Christianity teaches similar principles and Buddhism talks about meditation. The last one has mediation at its very core, where one aims to achieve a sense of enlightenment, in order to reach Nirvana. Similarly, Hinduism has its own set of principles and followers. In recent news, the government of KP has instructed to reconstruct a Hindu temple!

Hindu temple restoration
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Respecting All Religions:

Islam teaches Muslims that all faiths are to be respected. Islam encourages preaching, but it condemns forceful conversions. Religion even encourages you to explore other faiths and study what they do. It is not wrong to observe and note how Christians celebrate Christmas or how Jews celebrate Hanukkah.

A week ago, a Hindu temple in KP was the subject of vandalism. It was destroyed and burned by a group. In light of that, the KP government has decided to take a significant step. It could mean wonders for everyone!

A Temple Restoration:

In an official statement that was issued on Friday, the chief minister of the province has decided to restore the destroyed Temple. The temple is the Samadhi of Shri Param Hans Di Maharaj. The temple was vandalized at the hands of a Mob, last Wednesday. This mob consisted of Youngsters, Children, and elders all.

The governor also stated that the Hindu Temple attack is condemnable, and people have been arrested for their work. This is not an act that must be treated lightly and deserves light. She’s on it. The CM also stated that his government would assure the protection of all minority holy places. MNA Dr. Ramesh has also expressed his appreciation and satisfaction at this decision.

Reconstruction of Hindu temple
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Unity And Peace For All:

This act ensures a sense of peace and negotiation between people of two faiths. It shows that, despite differences, the situation does not have to escalate. It can always be a peaceful option to make up for the damage done by a bad batch.

Neither is it good, nor is it beneficial to treat this act with another violent act. If a temple has been destroyed for unlawful reasons, there must be consequences for those involved. We hope this development gives people a better sense of security to practice their faith openly. It does not do well to keep fighting over religious or sectarian differences. After all, unity and peace are a mission handed to anyone living on this earth.

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