Forgetting passwords is so bad but do you know what’s worse than trying to remember your password? Trying to come up with a new one that meets the complicated requirements! You need at least eight characters, a mix of upper and lowercase letters, a number, a symbol, a hieroglyphic, and a secret ingredient that only Google knows. And then, just when you think you’ve created the perfect password, Google tells you it’s too similar to your previous ones. Oh my god!

Image Source: Online Tech Tips

Google, the world’s leading tech giant, has introduced passkeys as a new way of signing in to apps and websites, marking a significant step towards a future without passwords. The passkeys can be used across Google Accounts on all major platforms, and according to Google, they will provide a secure and more convenient option for signing in compared to traditional passwords, which can be frustrating to remember and risky if stolen. Google hopes that passkeys will eventually eliminate the need for passwords altogether.

What Are Passkeys? 

Passkeys are like VIP pass to apps and websites. So you don’t need to rely on easy-to-guess words like “password123” or use your pet’s name and birthday anymore. With passkeys, you can unlock your apps and sites with a fingerprint, face scan, or PIN code, just like how you unlock your phone.

Plus, passkeys protect you from online attacks like phishing and are way more secure than one-time codes sent via SMS. If you want a password-free future, try out passkeys as an option for your Google Account since it’s now available.

You can now try them out at Setting it up is really easy and Google guides you through the whole way. However, the change to passkeys will obviously take time. That’s why passwords and 2SV will still be working for Google Accounts.

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