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Artificial Intelligence is a concept that is becoming more and more common these days. It encompasses a wide area of study and operation and people are becoming more familiar with it as time passes. Where we used to think the film Terminator showed what A.I was, ChatGPT showed us something different. The application of ChatGPT has been quite and people have used it for a lot of expansive work. In response to this A.I bot, Google has released their own version of A.I. Yes, Google has recently announced the reveal of Gemini.

Google large language model is going by the name of Gemini and is said to be integrated into various Google products, including the search engine, ad products, and Chrome browser globally. This brings about quite a revolution for the company as ChatGPT now has a direct competitor in the market that can give it a run for its money.

google with the release of Gemini AI
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Gemini And ChatGPT Working

Google has planned to release Gemini in three different versions,

  • Gemini Nano (lighter for Android devices)
  • Gemini Pro (for AI services and Bard)
  • Gemini Ultra (powerful, designed for data centers and enterprise applications)

Other than that, Google claims that Gemini outperforms GPT-4 in 30 out of 32 benchmarks! It seems to show a particular advantage in understanding and interacting with video and audio due to its multimodal design. Google’s A.I is certainly going to be improved quite a lot as time goes by. Of course, ChatGPT is going to improve as well so we can say the two will keep going hand in hand.

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Technology is Evolving Fast

Gemini’s capabilities extend beyond basic text input and output, with more powerful models like Gemini Ultra being able to work with images, video, and audio. Google emphasizes its commitment to making Gemini more aware, accurate, and capable over time. Bard is now powered by Gemini Pro, and Pixel 8 Pro users will experience new features with Gemini Nano. This means that Pixel 8 buyers are in for a treat!

Of course, where there is such an A.I presence, the concern for safety and privacy also arises. The company acknowledges the need for caution in approaching artificial general intelligence (AGI) and highlights efforts to ensure Gemini’s safety and responsibility through internal and external testing.

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