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Karachi, April 06, 2022 – Ramadan is an important time to strengthen relationships and become a better person. Ramadan activities such as fasting, sehri, iftar, and preparations for Eid fill this holy month. With many features across various products, Google is here to help people focus on Ramadan, stay connected, and have meaningful time with their families no matter where they are.

Your Fasting Friend

Changing routines is a challenge itself and this year, not only will you be fasting for a whole month but you would also be required to stay active amid the new normal. If you search for the words “Ramadan” or “Ramadan 2022” on Google Search, information regarding the start date of Ramadan, Ramadan greetings, prayer times, and various other information will pop up to help you in planning activities during the month of Ramadan and for Eid-ul-Fitr.

Not only this, but business owners can also use Business Hours on Google Maps to keep their business information on Google accurately and up to date, particularly for Imsak and Iftar timings.

Your Iftar Friend

During Ramadan, breaking your fast is something you look forward to and that is the time you want to spend with your family or closest relatives. The joy of breaking the fast together can be felt from home or wherever you are. For example, if you want to make cooking a shared activity, you can find various recipes from all over the world on Google Search. However, if all else fails, you can always look up “delivery restaurants near me” on Google Search and Maps.

When it’s Iftar time, Qibla Finder will help you locate a fixed direction of the Ka’bah.

Your Ramadan Gathering Friend

To help more Pakistani families engage in more activities while waiting for Iftar, Google Arts & Culture has launched an Art Coloring Book — Ramadan and Eid Edition which allows everyone to learn and color their favorite artwork directly on the website or application.

Google Play also provides various recommended applications, entertaining games, and special promos on Editor’s Choice tab to accompany you in this holy month. Be sure to check out Google Play Points to receive up to 5x points during special points events that you can redeem on any application of your choice.

Your Eid Friend

What is special towards the end of Ramadan are the Eid preparations we all look forward to – From deciding what to wear and what to bring on the day of Eid – just point the lens or scan with Google Lens via the ‘Shopping’ feature.

Eid-ul-Fitr is an occasion when all family members and relatives get together. With various Google Duo features such as special filters for Ramadan, Group Calls, Video Messages, Data Saving Mode, and Duo on Web – it is hoped that it can help strengthen ties of friendship, kick-start Eid moments from home, while adhering to the health guidelines.

The latest information about Google products will continue to be carried out to support users in Pakistan to get the most out of their daily lives. To learn more about tips and the latest developments from Google products that can be used during Ramadan, follow Google Pakistan on social media.

Happy Ramadan!