AI Generated Content on Google update
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Artificial Intelligence is something that is becoming an active part of everyone’s lives, whether they are connected to the tech domain or not. If you are an avid smartphone user, you have access to AI-generative tools like ChatGpt. Additionally, that is not the only area in which AI tools are impacting. Considering this, Google has introduced a new update to its search engine functionality.

Due to the increasing usage, people are finding more innovative ways to utilize the power of AI in their respective domains. If you are familiar with design tools, you might have also heard of stable diffusion. It lets the user generate an image through AI using various types of positive and negative prompts. So, how has Google’s update infuriated a lot of users and business owners?

Google Engine Search Update
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Google’s New Update

In a most recent update made by Google, the functionalities of the search engine have gone through some changes. In this update, Google is now allowing AI-generated content to show up in search results. This is cause for concern because it is having a major impact on the traffic and rankings of businesses and search results that are not AI-generated.

It has aggravated a lot of people that their product or their page or their content is being pushed down. The search engine because AI-generated content is taking its place. A lot of businesses invest a heavy amount in optimizing their content in a way that ranks higher on the search engine. The entire idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) revolves around this idea. To have such an update across the search engine itself means that a lot of the effort being put into SEO might not have as big an impact as expected.

AI generated content on Google
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Google and AI Content

Google shifted its guidelines from ‘helpful content written by people, for people’ to ‘helpful content written for people’. This serves as a clear indication that Google supports high-quality AI content on its engine. The advent of AI-generated content is not a negative thing and has its benefits. However, it’s certainly causing a rift among many people. The writer of this article feels that businesses, with time, must adapt to this changing landscape because it is only going to go up from here. It is an inevitable shift that needs to be catered to if businesses intend to keep running.

It might not be easy to shift in accordance with the landscape, but it can be done gradually. The point that affected enterprises are raising is that due to AI-generated content ranking higher on Google, they are losing a major chunk of their traffic. This means having a harder time generating potential leads for their business. Thus, the Google search engine update caused havoc in the industry.

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