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The firm teased a Pixel-branded tablet at its 2022 I/O conference, along with the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the much anticipated Google Pixel Watch. Google’s would-be iPad rival will launch later this year, while the Google Pixel 7 range and Pixel Watch will arrive in carrier shops in late 2022.

It’s still too early to tell whether the Google Pixel Tablet will be any better than the last Pixel-branded tablet, but there are still plenty of delicious details to whet your appetite.

A revolutionary hardware grip

Back on the rumor front, in October, 9to5Google found evidence of two distinct docks in development by digging around in the APK for an internal release of the Google Home app. It’s unclear at this time what sets the two ports apart, although the second one may be for a reported Pixel Tablet Pro.

Google Pixel tablet image leaked; tipped to get 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage
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A powered stylus device may also be included with or sold separately with the tablet. A Google tablet with the codename Tangor was discovered to have been approved by the Universal Stylus Initiative in May, according to the site NuGiz. This association establishes industry-wide standards enabling touch-enabled devices and active styluses to communicate with one another.

Developer Kuba Wojciechowski discovered proof of the Google Pixel tablet’s use of a first-generation Tensor CPU in AOSP code in September. The device is still referred to as Tangor. Google, however, has called this into question. The Google Pixel Tablet won’t include GPS or a cellular modem, according to Wojciechowski, which makes sense if the gadget is intended to serve as both a tablet and a hub for smart homes.

The display

Soon later, Wojciechowski and 91mobiles shared further information regarding the hardware setup of the Pixel Tablet. The 10.95-inch Pixel Tablet will have a display that is nearly an inch bigger than the Nest Hub Max’s and will come in 128GB and 256GB storage options. Wi-Fi 6 will also be supported.

Google Talks A Lot About Pixel Tablet and Its Docking Powers
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Additionally, Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1 makes mention to hardware with the codename tangorpro, which—given that Tangor is almost certainly the Pixel Tablet—seems to support the notion that a Pro version may potentially be in the works. It’s unclear what would set the smartphones apart, although a more expensive model may have the GPS and LTE circuitry that the base model is missing. We haven’t observed any proof of this, though.

What can be expected?

The Google Pixel Tablet prototype that was published on Facebook Marketplace in December gave us our finest look at the Pixel Tablet’s actual hardware to date. Although the listing’s photos are blurry and poorly lit (naturally), they plainly reveal a few things. For starters, the prototype’s display features black bezels rather than the white bezels Google has depicted in each of the device’s previous renderings. A picture of the tablet’s screen also reveals that it has 256 gigabytes of storage. A power cord comparable to the 30W one included with the current Nest Hub Max was also available with the tablet. The prospective seller demanded $400.

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