Google Partners With Samsung To Launch Wear For Smartwatches Again
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Google partners with Samsung once again to launch a smartwatch. The new wearable is tentatively called “Wear.” Google is trying again with Samsung’s Tizen OS helping to fill in the gaps that Google couldn’t do itself.

Samsung will have complete control over the software. Samsung built features and functionality that could best any Wear OS smartwatch. This will be followed by exceptional integration with Samsung smartphones. This new platform will allow developers to create apps and widgets for a single OS instead of splitting their efforts between Wear OS and Tizen.

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Previously, every smartwatch launched by google has been lacking in one way or another. They only work best with Samsung phones, and while they’re good enough with other Android devices, extra helper apps need to be installed to get them to work. Samsung is selling millions of smartwatches every year, yet it is not able to generate the kind of developer interest that Wear OS has.

The Issue With The Previous Versions

The previous smartwatches didn’t have an OEM partner for integrated brand recognition. The idea behind the partnership is both parties will get to put in their equal efforts where google will put in its operating software. In contrast, Samsung will get to incorporate its android developer system. These two technologies combined will give the smartwatch a much-needed boost to make it one of the best-selling products in the market.

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Things You Need To Know 

Regarding the much-anticipated update, here is everything you need to know.

1. Speed And Responsiveness

It’s going to be faster than wear OS. For example, the claim mentions that the applications will open 30 percent faster than they currently do on Wear OS.

 2. Music Apps 

Music apps like youtube and Spotify will offer offline support and downloads. This is the one thing that Spotify for the Apple Watch still doesn’t do.

3. Customizations

The owner will be able to customize the look and feel of the watch. That means the personalized user experience will be emphasized.

4. FitBit

Google will also incorporate Fitbit’s health and activity tracking features into Wear.

5. Google Maps Update 

A new user interface that will also work even if your phone is not with you. It will allow the phone to navigate with the help of cellular data support.

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