Are we there yet? Travelling is getting a whole lot easier with the arrival of this highly anticipated feature for Google Pay.

Google users will finally get the convenient feature that Apple introduced six years ago, which allows airline and event tickets to be stored in the Pay app. Thanks to its collaboration with Urban Airship, the brand was able “create streamlined and engaging ticketing and boarding pass experiences.”

This eliminates the need to print emails with barcodes or go to the check-in desk. And soon, if not already, a click of a button will allow customers to add their tickets to Google Pay, which can be scanned upon arrival.

In an announcement on May 8, Urban Airship details the feature, explaining its “new levels of convenience for travelers, with real-time updates” that would notify the user of any time changes by sending notifications to the lock-screen as well as personalized one-to-one messaging within the card.

“Our goal at Google Pay is to make transactions as seamless and functional as possible for consumers,” said Pali Bhat, VP of Payments Products at Google. “Digitizing users’ wallets and creating rich experiences that leverage Google’s great assets brings us one step closer to that goal.”

CEO and president of Urban Airship Brett Caine feels that they were the obvious choice for the partnership, saying in the company announcement that “Urban Airship has the only platform proven to operate at the scale necessary to ensure that this information is delivered quickly, accurately and reliably to hundreds of millions of people.”