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In a revolutionary move for the internet’s fondness for memes, Google Registry has launched a new primary web ending: .meme. This special online spot is set to become the main center for everything related to memes, bringing together various websites dedicated to these widely popular internet trends.

The introduction of .meme domains aligns with the debut of six initial partners, each representing a distinct aspect of the meme world:

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Know Your Meme

Known for staying updated with the newest meme trends, Know Your Meme has established its presence on and, vowing to remain a vital part of the ever-changing internet culture.

10PM Curfew

Merging style, culture, and humor, the fashion and lifestyle giant 10PM Curfew has claimed its space with and, creating an interesting fusion of fashion and meme-driven entertainment.

The respected artist Rudy Willingham has created as a center for printable meme stickers, blending the digital and physical worlds of memes.


Leading in licensing famous memes, License.Meme has secured its position on, offering an important resource for both meme enthusiasts and brands.

Meeting the increasing demand for meme-based marketing strategies, is present on, providing guidance for brands looking to use memes effectively.


Specializing in GIFs and memes, Tenor has introduced and, making meme discovery and creation simpler, empowering users to express themselves through these unique internet phenomena.

Cat lovers, this is for you! Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Nyan Cat now have their forever homes at,, and, respectively, capturing the essence of popular feline-themed memes that have become internet sensations.

Early Access Period

From now, .meme domains are available during an Early Access Period (EAP), with fees decreasing daily until December 5th. After this period, these domains will be offered at a fixed yearly price through different registrars.

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The debut of the .meme domain is a significant moment in internet culture, providing a specific online space for meme enthusiasts to share relatable moments, express complex feelings, revel in randomness, and even initiate social movements using these internet phenomena. With its lively and diverse community of meme creators, curators, and fans, the .meme domain assures to be a flourishing center for creative expression, where the catchy, humorous, and often bizarre nature of memes can thrive.

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