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When WhatsApp came out with its encryption update, a lot of people considered it as a breach of privacy, since WhatsApp does have all of our private information. People were concerned of the repercussions in the case of a security breach. That said, Google Contacts has now come up with a new update for smartphones.

Yes, Google has introduced a new real-time location-sharing feature in its Contacts app on Android, allowing users to see the whereabouts of friends and family. It was released quietly under the banner and people did not know until it had been integrated. While it did cause quite a commotion, a lot of people are also worried about the security aspect of this update. Sharing one’s location can be helpful but it can also lead to disaster!

location sharing on google contacts and android
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Google Contacts Location Sharing

The feature was leaked in late May and is now available in Google Contacts version 4.22. Yes, if your Google Contacts have been recently updated, on an android phone, then this update might already be a part of your phone. The location-sharing banner is powered by Google Maps and is situated between contact options and the Contact Info section in the app.

To use this feature, users need to have the other person’s Gmail address saved in the app and ensure that the person is actively sharing their location on Google Maps. Once you add your friends email address to the Google Contacts application, you will be able to see where they are. Users can easily set up location sharing by tapping the profile picture on Google Maps, selecting the Location Sharing option, and choosing the contacts with whom they want to share real-time location data.

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A Breach Of Privacy

However, we must mention that this update comes with its own security concerns. If your smartphone is misplaced or stolen, then the thief might be able to access your contacts if your phone is unlocked. If that happens, they will have access to the locations of every contact whose email address has been added. Those contacts themselves can become the target of mugging because the mugger will know where they are at all times.

Of course, unlocking a stolen smartphone is no easy task, but we have to mention that it is a possibility.

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