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Google Chrome is one of the most useful tools to anyone out there today. Not only does it feature an immense amount of capability, it also lets the user open as many tabs as they can. Additionally, out of all the search browsers, it is the one that is optimized the best. It consumes lesser memory than some of them and it does not let the user feel like they would get annoyed.

According to recent news, Google is developing new generative AI features for its Chrome browser, including the “Create Theme with AI” tool. Integrating the capabilities of AI within the tool itself sounds like quite an innovative feature. The AI-based tool allows users to generate custom desktop themes by choosing a subject from 12 categories, selecting an art style, and fine-tuning with mood and color options.

Google Chrome and new tool
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Google Chrome Rising 

While this news is certainly a fresh one, the feature is currently exclusive to Chrome Canary, an experimental version for developers, and may not work as intended. It does have its safety concerns as well, since the build itself is experimental. Chrome Canary is unstable and may crash randomly; users are cautioned about potential data loss or security compromise when enabling experimental features.

However, that is not the only piece of news we have regarding Google Chrome. Another generative AI tool for Chrome, “Help Me Write,” is in development, providing contextual writing suggestions for posts or reviews. As you can see from the name, it will be able to assist users with anything regarding writing. The release date for “Help Me Write” is uncertain, with speculation suggesting it might come with Chrome 122 in February 2024, but plans could change.

google chrome and new ai tool for users
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Development For The Better

Here we can see just how far technology has gotten in terms of AI-integrated development. More and more ways are being introduced to make AI a part of our everyday lives. This sounds quite promising for many industries and fields since the integration is helpful and applicable.

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