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Before being made available to the general public in the upcoming weeks, Bard will be used by a handful of testers, the company stated. Bard is based on Google’s huge language model Lamda, which one programmer said had replies that were so similar to humans’ that he thought it may even be sentient.

Google's Bard AI: 5 Points On ChatGPT's Rival
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The IT behemoth also unveiled new AI search engine tools. AI chatbots are made to search information and respond to queries. The most well-known example is ChatGPT. They utilise the internet as a vast repository of knowledge, but there are worries that it may also contain offensive content and misinformation.

Google’s pitch for bard

Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated in a blog post that Bard “seeks to integrate the richness of the world’s information with the strength, intelligence, and creativity of our massive language models.” Although Mr. Pichai emphasized that he intended Google’s AI services to be “bold and responsible,” he did not go into detail about how Bard would be stopped from distributing offensive or dangerous content.

According to him, the platform would initially run on a “lightweight” variation of Lamda that consumes less power and allows for simultaneous usage by more users.

Will Microsoft also play the AI game?

Following widespread rumors that Microsoft will soon integrate the AI chat-bot ChatGPT into its search engine Bing as a result of a multi-billion dollar investment in the company that developed it, OpenAI, Google’s statement comes as a response. Based on data from the internet as it existed in 2021, ChatGPT may respond to queries and fulfill requests in text form. It can produce student essays, news stories, music, speeches, and commercial material. Although it now costs the company a few cents each time someone uses it, it is currently free for users. OpenAI has disclosed a paid tier to go along with free access.

How Would Microsoft Integrate ChatGPT into Its Products?
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But experts agree that chat-bots’ ultimate goal is to replace pages of online links with a single, conclusive response in internet searches. According to Sundar Pichai, consumers are now utilizing Google search to pose increasingly complex queries.

For instance, a question about the piano that was frequently asked in the past could have been how many keys it has now is more likely to be if it is harder to learn than the guitar, a question that cannot be answered with certainty right away.

He concluded that AI can be useful in these situations by synthesizing knowledge for topics for which there is no one correct response. Soon, AI-powered Search capabilities will be available that condense complicated data and a variety of viewpoints into simple formats, allowing you to rapidly grasp the larger picture and get more knowledge from the web.

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