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Saying goodbye to 2020, a year fraught with hardships and distress is turning out to be more emotional than we expected! 

Twitteratis Share Their Thoughts

A Year of Hardships

This year has been tough on each person we have come across, we have connected with, and we have known. As parents struggle to homeschool their children, children struggle to remain home, jobs become #WorkFromHome, and loved ones fall sick, we have faced distress.

It’s true that to each person, their struggles are the priority, but when the news keeps spewing one bad news after another, it takes a toll on your mental health too. We have lost so many renowned celebrities this year, countless ordinary citizens, loved ones, and nature again.

Leave It All Behind

Though we can not be sure of what 2021 has to offer, we can be hopeful? We have become afraid of optimism in 2020 after being disappointed so many times. However, a new day is dawning, shouldn’t hopes be too?

Twitteratis have the same thoughts. Here’s your insight into what people across the world are thinking:

What Can You Fit In A Few Seconds?

This video curated by someone shows the amount of grief and terror one can encapsulate in just a few seconds. The video is a round-up of the worst events that affected us in 2020, and it is truly astounding.

Conflicting Feelings

A Twitter user also shared this post that touched us profoundly. Often we take for granted how time passes us by. On a micro level, we’re fixated on giving each day and getting the work done without realizing soon; this will be years.

The next year will be merry for some while grieving for the others, or it can be both. 

As we approach the new year, let us vow to be healthier and savor each day. There are good things to come!

What Did You Start This Year?

This year was also a year of firsts for many. Those who never stepped a foot in the kitchen now became #quarantinechefs while others started a new hobby.

The quarantine was a blessing in disguise for many, too, as they learned to follow their hearts and become one with their true calling. Did you have any passion that was always unfulfilled, and did you start it this year?

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