activities in karachi for adventure
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Karachi has quite a few places that people can visit for relaxation and leisure activities. No matter where you are in the city, there might be a place nearby where you can go with friends and have some fun. Moreover, Maritime Museum and PAF Museum are some of the oldest ones in Karachi. There was also a place where you could use a zipline!

Even though Safari Park has recently installed one, its certainly not the first one. Go Aish Adventure park was the first place in Karachi to install a zipline for adventurers, more than 14 years ago! It still holds itself as a pioneer in that regard.

Go Aish Zipline Came First

While the zipline is certainly a most exciting attraction, it is not the first one. Go Aish used to have a zipline called ‘The Flying Fox’. It took the person swinging across a body of water, with the wind hitting their face. People from all over the city used to visit the place and have a go at the zipline. Students from colleges used to enjoy the thrill of that zipline as far back as 2012.

zipline in karachi
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The Adventure Never Stops

Places like Go Aish tell us exactly how important it is to have a sense of fun and adventure in our lives. It lets us break free of the daily routine and do something entirely different. We encourage you all to partake in leisure activities as much as you can because they really help relax.

It does not only have to be obstacles courses though, it can be playing a board game too.

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