Peek Freans Gluco’s latest TVC is a sweet treat for sore eyes. The animated commercial has raised the bar for campaigns throughout the country. We are introduced to the exciting story of a young boy, ‘Allahyar’ who has a great sense of adventure and a strong set of values that he follows diligently.

Staying true to the classic Gluco jingle but with a modern upbeat kick, the ad creates the perfect brand recall and will have you singing to ‘G-L-U-C-O GLUCO’ in no time, taking you back to your fondest childhood memories attached to Gluco.

The biscuit brand has recently partnered with the film Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor. The marketing campaign brings the cast of the movie to life and the team leader, Allahyar appears to have the same traits and characteristics that one would expect from any Gluco lover. These include being courageous, energetic, and resilient, while always standing up and fighting for what he believes is right.

The TVC leaves quite a lasting impact after which every child would want to be just like the central character Allahyar who loves his biscuits and becomes ‘smart and strong’ after having his trusted snack.

Given that Allahyar is going to be heading on a number of adventures, it seems only sensible for him to carry his favorite energy snack, to ensure that he always has that extra boost when he needs it.

With over 1.2 million views and about 800 shares, the latest ad has become a viral super-hit!

The TVC sees everyone having a good time, singing the famous G-L-U-C-O Gluco song!

Gluco’s tagline, ‘Strong bano, Smart raho’ is portrayed extensively through the TVC and can be seen throughout the trailers of the movie where we see Allahyar and his friends overcoming various difficulties in their journey.

The New and Improved Gluco Packaging!

With the TVC we’re also introduced to Gluco’s limited edition packaging which is sure to introduce Allahyar and his friends to every household in the country.

The eye-catching visuals on the pack are sure to attract a massive number of consumers to the brand definitely resulting in increased recognition of the movie and its ties to Gluco. That being said, we also have to appreciate EBM and their ability to promote local talent. Not only do they help showcase just what the country has to offer, but they repeatedly keep doing so.

EBM has always promoted values such as social, cultural & ethical responsibilities.

The Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. A beautiful wild goat that inhabits the mountainous regions of Pakistan, its existence has been threatened for a number of reasons and efforts are being made to protect it.

We love how Allahyar being a child loves and cares for the environment a great deal. The children of today are our future. Allahyar and the legend of Markhor show the characters caring a great deal about the environment and working towards protecting it at all costs.These are all the values we would like the next generation to take forward in a responsible manner.

In today’s world where children are bound to multi-task at some point requires energy that mothers can find in Gluco. For the last 45 years, Gluco has proven to be one of the leading biscuit brands in Pakistan and has been adored by generations. What sets Gluco apart is the fact that it contains wholesome, natural ingredients, helping children and even adults to achieve that much-needed energy boost on days that just don’t seem to end. The ingredients used include wheat, milk, and butter making it both a healthy and tasty snack, that Pakistani moms are more than happy to give to their children.

Given the fact that the movie is not only promoting and showing the right values in its trailers and pre-hype videos but also partnering up and working to save the wildlife in the country – it seems like Gluco Allahyar & The Legend of Markhor is going to be the movie that everyone needs to see.

Popular Pakistani celebrities have given a shout out to Gluco and how it enables their kids to stay ‘Strong and Smart’!

Ahsan Khan

Nadia Hussain

Zhalay Sarhadi

Sarwat Gillani

Ali Noor


However, until the release of the film on February 2nd, we have the great TVC released by Gluco to watch. It is bound to get everyone on the hype train for the movie!