electronics and chip shortage
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The chip shortage has proven to be quite a hurdle for everyone. These silicon components are used in a plethora of electronics today. Just a while back, Apple had to halt a shipment of iPhones due to the shortage. Since the chips are short on the market, prices of electronics have gone up.

Many brands are selling electronics at double the price that they were being sold at. Some are selling them at a quarter of a price increase. Regardless, the shortage has created a whole rift between the seller and buyer. The price increase is no fault of any particular brand because the shortage is on a global scale.

global chip shortage and electronics prices
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Electronics In Karachi:

If we look at just the price hikes in Karachi, it is quite a moment of shock. Just the other day, we found out that the iPhone 12 mini is being sold for 170k. Yes, that is Rs.1 Lac 70,000/- Just a handful of months ago, its price was nearly half of that. The same price increase applies to many other electronics too. The PS4 Pro was being sold between 60-70k in January.

Now, the Ps4 Pro has reached a price of between 90-100k. That is a quarter of a price jump! Console gamers aren’t the only people being affected by this shortage. If you wish to build a gaming pc, now might not be the best time for it. If you compare GPU prices now and months before, you might get a bigger shock.

Graphics Card Price Jump

The Nvidia GTX 750ti was selling on the market at about Rs.9,000 just a few months ago. Now, it is being sold at Rs.18,000/-! How is that even possible? There are much better graphics cards that can be bought i. 18,000. The GTX 1050ti 4GB was at Rs.15,000 in December. It has now gone as high as Rs.40,000/-. One must just find these prices unbelievable but it is true.

The electronics market has really taken a heavy hit with this chip shortage. The iPhone 12 Mini and the Ps5 are at nearly the same price! Sony has even decided to redesign the Ps5 so there is less use of silicon. This can increase productivity and reduce the console shortage.

gpu and electronics with chip shortage
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Hoping For A Miracle:

We hope that the chip shortage does not last too long. We have to look for alternate means of production and resources. Let us pray it subsides sooner than later!

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