GIK Graduates Develop Pakistan’s First Real-time Product Tracking Website

Throughout the world, economies of many counties are highly affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak continues to limit all the key business activities around the world. Similarly, Pakistan has also become an acute victim in this situation of strict lockdown inflicted by the government.

People of Pakistan are enduring the current situation and suffering from the lack of essential necessities. Almost all the markets are closed throughout the country due to the lockdown and people are unable to meet their basic needs. Moreover, they are also not willing to step out of their homes to avoid any risk.

In this current situation, people are worried about stepping out to purchases but instead, routing themselves towards online shopping. Online shopping is considered to be the most significant option during the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, online shopping is also becoming a challenge for those people who are not accustomed of buying things online as they are not familiar with the authentic sites for purchasing the goods. Forthwith, most of the online stores have shut down their services and some are engaged in overpricing their products only if, they are delivering.

Image Source: Business Recorder

Graduates of GIK Institute have overcome this misfortune

Mr. Muhammad Bilal Jamil and Mr. Syed Ali Abbas Haider have developed a live product tracking website “” which can easily resolve the issues regarding online shopping during this crisis. This is the biggest platform to fulfill the users’ needs. Users can get their desired product from the most authentic online store while searching it through Shoppingum.

Founders of this platform assure that this website is the biggest single platform that uses advanced data mining and machine learning algorithms to live track millions of products that are available on almost all the trusted and authentic online stores. Moreover, this website also classifies online stores that are delivering amid the lockdown and also helps the users locate their nearby online store so they can purchase their desired products, at their earliest. The price of the products is also mentioned on the website and users can easily check out the prices according to the scale from lowest to highest or vice versa.

The functioning of live tracking of products:

The functioning of live tracking products gives the best results to users. Whenever a user searches a product on the website, the complex search algorithm initiates a live product fetch operation from all online stores in Pakistan. It brings the most relevant and desirable results on the screen for the user. It also classifies the online stores that are delivering or not delivering during the lockdown crises.

This user-friendly website also displays the locations of the stores so the user can easily opt for the fastest delivery options. And guess what? All this happens within a blink of an eye just by a single click. It is so easy to use that people would highly recommend it to others too after using its easy and useful functions.

Pakistan’s first-ever live online shopping search engine “Shoppingum” truly provides benefits by just a single click. People don’t have to worry about going out to buy the products because statistics of this website show that it has more than 3.2 million products from 210 online stores in Pakistan and query of any user can be resolved through this website by getting the most relevant and fresh information through updated live proving.

This website not only enables the user to save time by locating a product across the internet within seconds but it also succors to get the most updated information about the delivery of the product, which is perhaps a lifesaving option during the coronavirus pandemic.

While purchasing any product the main focus is the “price”. Why worry over the price when Shoppingum is there for you? The website also offers a side to side price comparison feature of the product which helps the user to locate not only the nearby but also the cheapest product. This feature protects the user from becoming a victim of false information, over-pricing, and scams.

So, what are you waiting for?
Grab the opportunity by using and get your desired product in this immense crisis and save your time.