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Image Source: Brandsynario

Pakistani actress, Ghana Ali Raza announced yesterday that she got married to a guy named Umair Gulzar. Initially, people congratulated her and made some fat-shaming comments about her husband. However, soon after, a post became viral on Facebook that made a shocking claim. As it turns out, Umair was already married and has a son as well.

Second Marriage(s)

Some men do give the justification that they have the right of doing multiple marriages. But, the opposing side brings the arguments that the man should be righteous in dealing with all their wives. And if they are incapable of doing so, they should not get into multiple marriages either because that leads to a wrecked home. It seems that we have seen more wrecked homes when men do multiple marriages than happy ones.

Interestingly though, when a man does second marriage, he is not blamed for wrecking the home with his first wife, it is the second wife. Therefore, Ghana is now being blamed for being a homewrecker, just like Sadaf Kanwal and Tuba Aamir.

Ghana Ali – What will happen now?

Moreover, since Umair Gulzar is rich as well, people are accusing her of being a gold digger too.

We need to ask this question first though; did she really wreck a home? Was she aware of the first marriage? If the alleged first wife was unaware of this then, isn’t it possible Ghana was also in the dark about it? What if she is also a victim? Or what if there is no victim and it is a fake post circulating? We wouldn’t know until the parties in question respond. All we know is that Ghana should be made aware of these allegations. We want this because although it’s not confirmed, it was after Saba Qamar went public with her engagement that she got to know Azeem Khan was not compatible with her.

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