TCS Sentiments Express has just announced great sales for their upcoming event “Gift Back Friday” where customers can pre-book their whole year events and birthdays with up to 90 percent off and a great chance to get 5 Tola Gold.

Not only this but on pre-sale offer, TCS Sentiments has launched a great offer you can avail in the shape of a Gift Card. Gift Card is a product that has been designed very beautifully and it is made available at all TCS retail stores and on the website as well.

A customer can buy this card and can use it for own purchases or gift it to others who a customer is willing to send as the gift of buying. TCS is also facilitating with free shipping nationwide for this product at a standard time.

The great offer behind this card is that it only cost Rs 1000 with free standard timing delivery. It provides double benefits and shopping worth in return. That means that a customer having this gift card can avail Rs 2000 shopping absolutely free.

So here is the first gift back which TCS Sentiments is giving to the customers. Where you buy Rs 1000 and get Rs 1000 in return from TCS sentiments. A first Gift Back from TCS itself to the customer following the essence of Gift Back Friday campaign.

A great concept of gifting back and Sale per Sale is followed and the great standard has been built in the end for the e-commerce industry. Where a business like TCS Sentiments Express is gifting customers back with such great offers and paying them back in return.

The gift card has special code inserted on its surface which a customer can only redeem at a website where products with massive discounts are already available. So you can avail these discounts on the web and can get Rs 1000 extra amount if you have purchased the gift card.

And at last but not the least, the one who purchases the most gift cards would be rewarded with free 1 Tola Sona without any lucky draw. Yes! You are getting it right without any lucky draw you can get 1 Tola Gold. It’s more like an Urdu Phrase “Sohnay Per Sohaga” where you get sale per sale and also 1 Tola gold. So, stay tuned as a lot more is about to come.

Gift Card is available at website and customer can avail by clicking here. Hurry up as the stock is limited.