Generation-Zong: United Generations For A Digital Pakistan

Pakistan’s leading telecommunication and digital company, Zong 4G has stepped in to break these cliches with their latest campaign, Gen Z = Gen Zong. The new campaign Zong 4G has hit the masses, who envision a seamless digital lifestyle.

With the launch of a standout song performed by Pakistan’s leading celebrities Ali & Danyal Zafar, Zong 4G has definitely differentiated themselves from the competition and paved the road to a new era for digital connectivity in Pakistan. The advertisement in itself has a purpose behind it, they create an ethos for their concept, which is that Zong 4G closes the divides between generations and brings them altogether under the banner of Generation Zong, uniting the youth of Pakistan with unparalleled digital connectivity at their disposal.

Digital technologies have profoundly changed the way people operate. Be it Gen-Z or Millennials, the entire youth is digitally-savvy and connected on the go. Being the enablers of the digital innovation in the country, Pakistan’s leading digital and telecommunications company, Zong 4G has been working relentlessly to bring the entire youth under one banner; “Gen Zong.” With the aim to empower the digital generations of the country, Zong’s vast network is providing seamless connectivity to provide unmatched experience to budding entrepreneurs, corporate entities and digitally-savvy people.

Resonating with the evolving digital needs of each and every Pakistani, Zong 4G’s latest campaign ‘Gen- Z is Gen-Zong’ is a testament to being the digital partner for millions. Launched on 3rd December, the digital campaign demonstrates how the company and its technology are uniting different generations under the banner of Gen-Zong. Through this campaign, the celebrity brothers Ali Zafar and Daniyal Zafar have been brought face to face by ZONG 4G for the first time to engage in a lyrical battle that promises to go down in history as the masterstroke for advertisement. With the core brand message of “Let’s Get Digital,” the battle of words between the two superstars is a playful banter about navigating through a world that is becoming more and more digital every day. Although the brothers are seen on opposing sides and are from two different generations in the video, their message is the same i.e., companionship and patriotism to usher in the era of a Digital Pakistan.

Being the pioneers of digital technology in the country, Zong 4G is at the forefront to take ownership of the digital requirements of all generations of Pakistan and leverage the state-of-the-art digital network to enable a digitally-savvy Gen-Zong to work towards a Digital Pakistan. The unique ideation of the campaign exemplifies Zong’s brand promise of “Let’s Get Digital” and its profound belief that the company is leading the digital innovation to address the evolving needs of the customers to provide seamless digital experience to all generations and digitalize Pakistan where everyone not only has access to the internet.

Being a customer-centric company, Zong 4G is leading and promoting the digital transformation of our lives and businesses via a robust network and a broad range of solutions and services. In a world that is constantly evolving, Zong’s cutting-edge technology is set to digitally empower all generations and is leaving a legacy for generations to come. Pertinent to this era, Zong 4G’s new motto “Let’s Get Digital” is far more than a motto; it is the focus, aim, and furthermore, it is a call-to-action for an imperative revolution as a part of the agenda to create a Digital Pakistan.