Tesla to be overtaken for Crown
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There are many developments currently being made in the electrical domain. The primary area of this is encircling the automotive industry. Yes, the era of electric vehicles has begun. Up until 2012, General Motors was the number one titan for Electric Vehicles. They sold more than any other competitor at rates more feasible than any other one. Additionally, they did not have that many quality issues with their product and their electric vehicles ran long.

This is a company which is more than a 100 years old! It has been present for more than a century and that is an impressive feature. It is so old that it goes way before world war I. Yes, that was when the vehicle production, by this company, had first started. Now, with Tesla rising, what is General Motors planning?

General Motors to overtake
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General Motors And A History:

Even if we put the electric vehicles aside, General Motors has had an impressive track record over the years. They have produced some of the best vehicles to ever grip the surface of the road. Not just this, their long lasting quality and features ensure that customers keep coming back for more.

In 2012, General Motors saw the rise of another competitor in the Market. Tesla released its Model S! Even then, General Motors stayed at the top of the food chain. However, Tesla releasing it’s Model 3, two years ago, caused General Motors to become an underdog. Tesla sold more vehicles in a year than they had sold in a while!

Attempting To Overtake Tesla

With 2020 over, Tesla’s value has more than tripled since the time it began. It is now the highest functioning provider of electric vehicles on the market. However, recent news state that General Motors have a couple of cards up their sleeve. They have a goal set in mind. It is to produce 1 million electric vehicles by 2025! A million of them! It is being predicted that this can overtake Tesla.

An official at General Motors was asked for comments. While they did not state the name of their rival, it was clear who they were referring to. They even pointed out the quality issues that come with buying a vehicle from a 15-year old startup. Yes, they are indirectly taking a jab at ‘You Know Who’s!

General Motors vs Tesla overtake
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Shaping The Future:

So, what is the future of electric? Are we to see a robust battle take place between an old titan and a new rising one? There is much to be pondered over as 2021 progresses. There is much to see. General Motors intends to reduce pricing as low as $75 kilowatt per hour whereas Tesla has a plan to go as low as $50.

Whether it is one or the other, there will be a huge match as we reach 2025. Even the Prime Minister, of Great Britain, has stated that they intend to abolish all combustion vehicles in the next five years! Let us see how news further develops on this front. Till then, we wait and watch as Elon Musk’s Tesla continues to progress at a rapid rate, and General Motors plans to overtake!

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