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Government College University has won the hearts of the nation with their ongoing festival and why wouldn’t they? The efforts they have invested into the five-day-long festival are simply astounding. Harry Potter fans are not any less in Pakistan and this is a dream come true for them and for us too! Here’s all you need to know:

The Festival

GCU, for the first time in its history, is holding a Harry Potter theme festival. The festival began on November 29th and will continue till December 5th. The festival is also gaining traction amongst the Pakistani audience because they will be screening “The Last Follower” too on their amazing campus.

GCU’s campus was founded in 1864 and it turned into a university in 2002. It has retained much of its old glory since that year and hence, the campus is vintage architecture beauty. Imagine that being turned into a Harry Potter campus! With fairy lights all around, coffee smoked papers and a whole lot of candles and costumes, it’s like stepping into Hogwarts for sure.

The Brilliant Marketing

But truth be told, we are also astounded with the marketing. The event or rather the festival has literally blown up on social media. The pictures from the university made it to all the big meme pages and since then is been covered by all media houses also. Thus, the festival has reached the eyes and ears of almost all students who want to visit the campus.

Here’s the video

People’s Reactions

People are also having a hard time believing whether this is real. Universities are seldom on board with having such events that appeal to students in this way but it appears the management of GCU is just as cool as the students. This idea was simply innovative and a much-needed break for students who have been home for almost two years now.

Have a look at what people have to say about the event:

Are You Going?

The university is selling tickets on spot for those who would like to come. It is in no way limited only to students, it is open to all adults also! Take your children with you and have them exposed to the world of Hogwarts so they can have the time of their life also.

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