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In a historical developments in the academic world, Government College University (GCU) Lahore and Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) have both appointed women as their vice chancellors, marking significant milestones in their histories.

GCU Lahore Celebrates Its First Female Head

For the first time in its 160 years, GCU Lahore has appointed a woman as the head of the institution. Prof. Dr. Shazia Bashir, previously the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, has been named the acting Vice Chancellor. This Historic decision has been authorized by the Punjab governor. Granting her a four-month tenure while the search for a permanent Vice Chancellor continues.

GCU gets first female head in its 160 years history
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Dr. Bashir, an alumna of GCU known as an Old Ravian. Has a rich academic background with advanced degrees in physics, including a PhD from the Technical University in Vienna, Austria. Since joining GCU Lahore in 1996, she has held significant roles, including Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics. With over 150 research publications in esteemed international journals, her contributions to science and education have been substantial.

The GCU community has expressed enthusiastic support for Dr. Bashir’s appointment, innitiating a new era of leadership and inspiration for future generations at the university.

AMU Appoints First Female Vice Chancellor in Over a Century

Similarly, AMU has also broken over a century’s precedent by appointing Naima Khatoon as the Vice Chancellor. A historic move celebrated across the campus. Her appointment was confirmed after receiving the nod from President Droupadi Murmu. Considering the ongoing Model Code of Conduct enforced by the Election Commission of India.

Khatoon’s leadership is expected to bring progressive changes and a fresh perspective to AMU.  Emphasizing the university’s commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women in leadership roles across educational sectors.

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These appointments at GCU Lahore and AMU not only represent individual achievements but also signify a broader shift towards inclusive leadership in higher education. They emphasize on the increasing recognition of the role of women in academia. And Their potential to lead prestigious institutions into eras of excellence and innovation.

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