Gari se Yari

People automatically assume that a woman must be behind the wheels when a car is incorrectly parked or if the driver is taking too long to reverse.

Stereotyping the female gender, especially when it comes to driving prowess is quite the norm! Unfortunately, this is a blown-out-of-proportion myth. Women are actually smarter car buyers and drivers compared to men!

However, when it comes to car problems, like a flat tyre, oil changes or cars heating up – that’s when the girls look towards male support in when faced with car trouble.

But all that is soon going to become a thing of the past!

Gari se Yari

This concept was portrayed through some light-hearted humor by our Pakistani chocolate-boy Sheheryar Munawar and bubbly comedian Faiza Saleem. In a video that seems right out of a movie scene, our heroine is shown to be stuck with a punctured car and no juice left in her phone battery.

Gari se Yari

All of a sudden, she is approached by a handsome lad who delivers an iconic ‘filmy’ dialogue  “Bari bari gaariyon mein aise chote chote muslay toh hote he rehte hai” he says.

Gari se Yari

With the last 3 steps, pin, tighten and tweak, VOILA! She walks away with the self-satisfaction of being able to change the tyre herself.

However, this doesn’t end in the typical way – he’s left with a surprise at the end!

Watch the video below

What really appealed to us in the video is that Faiza is the one who does all the work, from loosening the bolts to replacing a whole tyre whereas Sheheryar supports her while making sure she is the one who gets it done to make a point.

A Myth-Breaking Idea

Quirky, fun, unique and most importantly informational, the ‘Gari Se Yari’ video is breaking stereotypes by teaching women how to change tyres without depending on a male figure to rescue them.

It highlights how important it is to encourage the female gender to be self – sufficient in any situation. The campaign also shows the sweet relationship between a girl and her car. Women can easily handle all car issues themselves with just a bit of guidance.

Kudos to TotalPARCO for stepping up to empower women and play their role for the betterment in society.

We cannot wait to enjoy our next lesson!