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When it comes to prices in Pakistan, we feel that nothing ever truly gets cheaper. Either the price of something increases or it stays the same. Sometimes it increases so much, so when it decreases, we feel like a difference has been made. In reality, the price only comes down to what it was before, thus no change having been made. That said, fuel prices have come down recently, by almost 4 rupees per liter.

Now that might not feel like a huge difference, but when calculated in a bigger amount, then it can have an impact. However, we always have to keep in mind as to how a chance affects the general population. This price decrease barely has an impact on the people driving cars on a regular basis.

Gas and other fuel issues
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Fuel Prices and Other Commodities

When we are keeping decreasing prices in mind, we also have to think about other commodities. Even if fuel prices are decreasing, that does not mean the current financial situation is getting any easier. Do you feel that the decrease is having an impact or are the problems persisting? What about Electricity and Gas prices, with the increasing tariffs and taxes.

People are still paying thousands of rupees on electricity prices even when they are running minimal appliances. They are being buried under mountains of bills and all they can do is try and pay these bills because the prices just keep going up. The fuel price decrease is barely making a dent in this situation right now.

fuel charges and dropping ones
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Gas Shortages Everywhere

The electricity situation is not the only one that is worsening day by day. In recent news, gas load shedding has also been increased. You try to cook breakfast or lunch, and you might find yourself without any gas. Not just that, but the gas bills of many people are spiking by a huge margin. Can we really call this fuel price change a good change, considering how the other commodities are faring.

If the fuel price was decreasing by more than fifty or hundred rupees, then we would consider it as a big change. However, until then we have to remember that the struggle still continues.

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