Frontline Hero Shares Post-COVID Aftermath & People Are Grateful!

Image Source: Twitter

Along with the rest of the world, Pakistan continues to tirelessly combat the deadly coronavirus to stop it’s further spread. With the drastic increase in cases a few weeks ago, the numbers have surely shocked the nation.

However, it seems the cases are now decreasing. Pakistan’s recovery rate is pretty impressive. Speaking of which, doctors all around the world are selflessly putting their own lives at risk to treat the infected patients. Not only this, but the doctors in Pakistan have fought this virus without any facilities, initially.

Undoubtedly, these doctors, nurses, and technicians have been working day and night without giving it a second thought. Moreover, many Pakistani doctors have also lost their life after contracting the deadly flu.

Furthermore, once these heroes were provided PPE, wearing layers of protective gear and treating COVID-19 patients was not an easy task. Let’s not forget the hot rising temperature.

We recently came across a frontline hero on Twitter who decided to share her thoughts with her followers. Meet frontline worker, Baakh Nusrat, who shared her selfie saying she might need a new face after she’s done with COVID ward shifts.

Here’s what she tweeted

Seeing her tweet, people from all around the world started praising her efforts and 

Indeed, their dedication, selflessness, is something to be proud of and deserves immense praise and appreciation! Hats off to these amazing unsung heroes, we salute your perseverance!

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